Welcome to Emerald Coast Neurology

Our team of highly trained physicians and support staff are dedicated to providing superior service and compassionate care for our patients and their families.

We treat a wide range of disorders including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, migraines, stroke, concussion and many more. We see patients that are experiencing a range of symptoms including memory loss, sleep difficulties, headaches, balance issues, numbness and tingling, back pain and others. We use our extensive clinical backgrounds and cutting edge technology to provide our patients with accurate, timely diagnoses and comprehensive treatment plans.

We understand that you are not simply a disorder to be diagnosed and treated. You are a person with real feelings and emotions, with family and friends that count on you. Our talented and caring staff at Emerald Coast Neurology will treat you as we would want our own loved ones to be treated – with dignity and respect for the whole person that you are.

The development and subsequent identification of a neurological disorder can be quite a different experience when compared to other healthcare specialties. While other medical issues can be seen and understood from a layman’s perspective – a broken arm or an infected wound can be seen and understood without the benefit of a medical degree – neurological disorders can manifest without any outward sign that anything is wrong. There may be pain without any visible sign of injury, numbness or tingling that is not associated with any trauma, or a sudden loss of language or cognitive skills appearing in an otherwise healthy individual.